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What’s in a photographer's kit bag?

Ever wondered what's in a photographer's kit bag? Maybe you want to take your photography to the next level but are put off by the thought of investing in loads of equipment? One of the best things about being a natural light lifestyle photographer is that compared to other types of photography - you don't need that much kit to get started. It also means that when you are up and running you save yourself the hassle and risk of carrying round tonnes of expensive equipment. Here are my kit bag must haves...

My camera…

I use a Canon 5D mark 3 which is one of the most widely used among professional photographers. There are of course plenty of other makes out there but I've always been a Canon fan and bought my first one when I used to shoot videos. My favourite three things about the Canon Canon 5D mark 3 are..

  • It shoots full frame which means that the images are really sharp and can be cropped or zoomed in on without losing much quality.

  • It's really easy to switch modes between taking photos and and recording video.

  • It has two card slots which is great because can save your photos to two data cards at the same time (just in case!).

My favourite lenses

I mainly use prime lenses. Using prime lenses, unlike zoom lenses, means that I have to physically take a step forward in order to zoom in on my subject. Prime lenses are really fast and really sharp. The primes that I use are...

Sigma 35 mm F1.4

Sigma 85mm F1.4

I have a few others but these two are my go to for all family sessions. They aren’t cheap but the quality of the images are well worth it.


I always carry 3 batteries with me which I charge prior to every shoot. Over the years they will begin to deteriorate and loose their charge more quickly so they will need to be replaced.

I also have about 8 data cards in various sizes and use SanDisk Extreme Pro Flashcards which are great because they have a fast recording capability.

Camera Bag

My trusty camera bag with padded compartments for all my stuff! My favourite thing about it is that it looks like a normal rucksack. A backpack is great because most of my work is with families and business in my local area so I often cycle to my shoots.

A lens buddy

This is a funny little thing I attach to the outside of the lens to encourage younger children to look at the camera. You can buy these online but I decided to make my own out of some elastic and bits of material. (Blue Peter badge please?!)

A goodie bag for kids

Inside these cloth bags are sunflower seeds and a little bottle of bubble mixture. I like to tell the children at the start of the session that I have a prize for people who are the best at following instructions. This tends to work well as a little incentive for younger kids!

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