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I’m Emily and I live in East London, with my husband and two kids. 

I live for the good things in life. Food, sunshine, and being with people who make me happy. I also love helping parents document their families authentically and small businesses elevate their brands through strong visual storytelling.

I have two children of my own and as hard as parenting sometimes is, I have to remind myself that these times aren’t going to last forever and to savour them while I can. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping other families document this time in their life as it truly looks. As a mum and a trained children’s nurse, I have years of experience working with kids which is why my sessions are always family-led and fun. I use available light and engaging prompts to achieve natural, relaxed images which show genuine connection.

Check out my family photography page

Maybe you’re a passionate creative or small business owner like me. Maybe you're here because you know visibility is important but you want to do it on your terms. That’s one of the best things about working for yourself, that you get to do things your way. Self-promotion isn't any different. If you love everything about what you do apart from having your picture taken I'm here to help make the experience as comfortable and happy as can be.

Because, portraiture is so much more than just good lighting and a fancy camera. It's about understanding people - their vulnerabilities, and their unique personalities. It's about empathy and creating a safe space where my clients can truly be themselves. That's why I take the time to really get to know each person I work with, to understand how they see themselves and how they want to be seen. Whether it's capturing child or adult casting shots, profiles for social media or professional headshots, I believe that every photo should reflect the true essence of the person in front of the lens.

Check out my Personal Branding Photography page

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