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What is lifestyle videography?

Many photographers are tapping into the emerging trend of lifestyle videography by offering family films as part of their photo packages. Lifestyle videography, or keepsake films as they are sometimes referred to, much like lifestyle photography is a style of filmmaking that aims to capture people in a natural and authentic way, often using creative techniques to tell a story through video.

(Lifestyle Newborn Documentary Film - Lennon Photography)

What does it look like?

Essentially it’s a collection of short clips that focus on an everyday part of family life set to some nice, evocative music. It could be a bath time routine, playing in the garden or baking together. It could even be as simple as a video taken of the in-between moments on a family photo session.

(The Everett Family | Professional Family Lifestyle Videography - Amanda Ellis Photography)

Why have a keepsake video? Professional family photography, particularly lifestyle photography, is a fantastic way to document a very precious and fleeting time in our lives but lifestyle videos take it further. Making films of families allows them to see themselves far beyond what they look like. Moving images are a record of how we move and talk. They allow us to capture communication, relationships, connection and emotion. Lifestyle videos are about capturing real and candid moments in an artistic way. They are a permanent record of sounds, movements, and feelings which you can watch again and again.

Can it be done at the same time as a regular photo session?

Yes, it can. The beauty of modern DSLR cameras is that they shoot both stills and high-quality video. Switching between the two functions is quick and simple and allows the photographer to capture live-action in-between photo setups.

I apply the same principles of photography to my lifestyle videography. My goal is to provide you with keepsake videos that are beautiful, authentic and natural. I use natural light and a combination of gentle directing and opportunistic shots to deliver artistic films that will make you want to smile every time you watch them.

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