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What is a "Lifestyle" approach to family photography?

I’m Emily and I’m a London-based family who specialises in natural lifestyle & fine art portrait photography. I love helping parents document their families authentically.

Just like you, I’m knee-deep in the highs and lows of being a mum; grateful for every day I have with them but quite relieved when they have finally gone to bed! Working and parenting is sometimes overwhelming but I’m always hopeful that one day I’ll find the perfect work-life balance. I know it can be easy to take it all for granted and not stop to notice all the good stuff. When I do stop and look back I’m always amazed at how much things have changed, and I have to remind myself that these times aren’t going to last forever. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping families capture this time in their lives as it truly looks.

What is meant by family "Lifestyle Photography"

Family lifestyle photography is a style of photography that aims to capture people naturally and authentically, often using creative techniques to tell a story through pictures. Usually, a session focuses on an everyday part of family life at home. It could be a bath time routine, playing in the garden or baking together, for example. The two main ways that family lifestyle photography differs from studio sessions are, A) they take place in clients' homes or an outdoor location that is meaningful to them, and B) movement is not confined to standing in front of backdrops or lights, therefor the photographer can move around the family and take pictures of them and whatever they are doing which can make for more authentic and dynamic photos.

My approach

As a mum of two and a trained children’s nurse, I have years of experience working with children which is why my sessions are always family-led and relaxed. My background means that I have a great understanding of child behaviour at different developmental stages. I have photographed families with children of all ages and am skilled at getting the best pictures of even the wildest of small people. I really believe that children and newborns are perfect just the way they are and that props and posing aren’t necessary when taking beautiful pictures of them. I use a combination of available light and engaging prompts to achieve natural, relaxed images.

Why it's great for families

Lifestyle photography sessions as opposed to studio photography sessions are great for families with children of all ages. Firstly because they can take place at the family's home or outdoors rather than in the unfamiliar and formal setting of a studio. Home sessions have the benefit of allowing a family to be in a familiar setting with the added bonus of capturing some of the unique home details that will help tell your story. Outdoor sessions can be great for families with younger more energetic kids as there is more space to run free! Secondly, it's unrealistic to expect younger children to sit still for long periods of time and pose on command in a studio. Lifestyle photography is child-led. This means that we work around the needs of the child. If they decide they want to get up and show me their favourite toy then we can get some great shots of that, for example. Finally, the interactions, the facial expressions, and the clothes you decide to wear are all authentic. They are the real you. It's the genuine connections that I love to capture for people. After all, it's not my aim to try and make your life look perfect. I'm there to show you just how wonderful you are, as you are.

About Emily Graham Photography

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, I really hope it has helped answer some of the questions you might have had about Family Lifestyle Photography. Please get in touch if you want to know more about family photography or about any of the other photography services I offer including:

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Emily x

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