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Top tips for organising and printing your family photos

Family photo taken in a field including mum, dad, son and daughter. The family are posing and looking at the camera.
Family photo

Whether it's maternity, newborn, child and family portrait photography or events such as birthday parties, naming ceremonies and christenings; If you’ve had professional family photos taken and your'e not sure what to do with them... Here is my guide to organising and printing your images.

Step 1 - Choose your photos

Set aside time to go through the images together as a family. Choose your photos carefully and consider whether you’ll enjoy looking at them every day and what you want to do with them.

Woman looking at various photographic prints spread out on a table.
Choosing prints

Step 2 - Back up the original downloads

If you have decided to go for a download only package, make sure you back those mothers up! Whether it’s to a hard drive or the iCloud - get them saved to another place for safety. Most online photo galleries will have an expiry date and in some cases a photographer will only hold on to the original images for a certain amount of time. It might be difficult or impossible to get them resent to you if you lose them.

Step 3 - Printing ideas

Why go to all the trouble and expense of having photos taken just to keep them on your laptop where no one can see them? There are so many ways your photos can be displayed. Framed wall art, snaps for your wallet, Christmas cards, to photos books. If you're not sure where to start I recommend ordering a few 6x4 prints that you can display on the fridge.

Photo vacuous high quality wall art from Pixieset
Print products from Pixietset

Step 4 - Get quality prints and products

The website your photographer uses to share the gallery will be one they have selected because they know that the quality of the prints are very high. I use Pixieset because the site enables my customers to bring their photos to life with a variety of beautiful high quality products from Loxley Colour.

From prints on professional-grade archival paper for excellent skin tones, sharpness and brilliant image quality to beautifully hand-crafted wooden frames. After you receive your edited gallery, you can order prints or canvases of your favourite photos in your online Pixieset store. Your order is automatically sent to a professional print lab partner where it gets printed, packaged and shipped.

Woman hanging pictures on a wall
Arranging your gallery wall

Step 5 - Display your prints on a gallery wall

  • Think about the style

This might depend on where in the house you have chosen to have your gallery. Consider the paint colour of the wall and the shape and size of the space. There are lots of different styles of gallery walls so have a look on Pinterest before you start your project.

  • Choose photos that have a similar theme

For example, photos from the same event, photos that are a similar size or keeping them all in black and white or all colour.

  • Experiment with the layout

Use paper cut to the size of your fames and blueback to arrange a mock up of your gallery wall. Consider keeping the gaps between your frames consistent and the pattern of the layout you are going for. Some people prefer an eclectic jumble where as others are drawn to neat uniform lines or creating a certain shape.


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