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Do you really need a professional family photographer?

I’m a London-based maternity, newborn and family photographer specialising in natural light, and lifestyle photography. As a mum of two and a trained children's nurse, I have years of experience working with children, which I believe shows in my work. My photography style is timeless and natural and my sessions are always family-led and relaxed. I’m passionate about helping people document their families authentically and naturally so that they can remember this very special time in their lives as it truly was.

Today, photography is more accessible than it’s ever been. Improved camera phone technology means that most of us can take photographs wherever and whenever we want! Affordable digital cameras and access to online photography courses mean that hobbyists can improve their skills and take good-quality photos of their own. So, do you really need a professional photographer to take your family photographs? I really believe that the answer is yes! And here’s why…


They will get the best portraits of your children

One of the most common concerns I hear from parents before their photo session is the fear that their children might ‘mess around’ or ‘go shy’ on the day. They are worried that if this happens the photos won’t look good and they will have wasted time and money.

My style is natural and family led which in real life means that as far as your kids are concerned, our shoot is a fun walk in the woods or local park. I try to capture the child’s real personality which might mean a bit of goofing around but that’s the stuff we want to remember, isn’t it? Also as a mum of two with lots of experience working with children, I know how to get the best from them and work with them to capture those gorgeous, natural expressions that you want to remember.

They know how to capture flattering family portraits

There’s much more to taking a good portrait than understanding the settings on a camera. You need to know all about light, positioning, composition and location. This is a professional photographer's job and they will have learned the art of bringing these things together to create great photographs and make sure they capture your family looking their best.

They’ll know the best local photography locations

If you’re hoping to have your photo shoot outdoors, the location will be very important. Where you decide to go will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your photographs. A professional photographer who is experienced at working outdoors will be able to tell you about different locations and the benefits of each as well as how good the available light will be. This will help make sure your photographs have the look you are after. As a local Walthamstow resident I have spent lots of time with my own kids in Epping Forest, Chingford Plains, Hollow Ponds and Lloyd Park so as well as having excellent knowledge of the lighting and backgrounds in these places, I know where all the good rope swings are!

The Experience

Having a professional photography session isn’t just about spending a few hours with a photographer and having your photograph taken. It’s about the whole experience from planning the session, and help you prepare, to taking the photos and choosing and deciding what to do with your photographs. I believe that good communication is really important in helping create trust and rapport with clients. I also think that it helps you feel more confident on the day and look it in your photos.


You can ALL be in the photographs

One parent (typically mums I’m afraid to say) usually ends up being the family’s dedicated photographer. No prizes for guessing who it is in my house! One of the most important benefits of hiring a professional photographer for your family photos is that you can ALL be in the photographs! A photographer will also capture moments that you didn’t plan for and those moments make for some of the most priceless photos.

"She truly captured both the children’s personalities so well and we have some beautiful pictures now of all of us together too which we’d never manage to get ourselves"

It’s an investment that you won’t regret

Pricing for a family portrait photographer in London varies a lot and will usually depend on the photographer's experience and what is included with the package. Photography is a skill that takes a long time to learn and there's a lot of work that happens behind the scenes to make your session run smoothly. Because of this hiring, a professional is never going to be cheap but it is usually possible to find one within your budget. Finding a photographer who's style you love and who comes highly recommended is a good place to start. Hiring a professional photographer for your family portraits will make a huge difference in the quality of the photos; after all, these photos will be displayed for everyone to see. Don’t miss out on the ability to get quality family photos. Professional photography is something you will be glad you invested in.

About Emily Graham Photography

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