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3 reasons why you need personal branding photos this year…

We all know that using a professional-looking headshot of yourself on social media or as a business profile helps you gain attention, encourage trust, and convey your personality. But personal branding photographs can do so much more than a headshot can.

Personal Branding Photography aims to showcase your personality and elevate your brand and help to tell the story of you and your business. A session often involves creating a variety of portraits and professional-looking imagery to use in your brand communications over social media and on websites. These sessions might involve multiple locations, outfit changes, and setups. Often a photographer will take the clients through a brand questionnaire and offer style consultancy as part of the package. Here are three more benefits to having your own Personal Branding photos that you might not have considered…

These photos will save you time

Running your own business is hard work and if you have a family or other commitments too chances are time is your most precious commodity. Having a library of content in keeping with the colours and style of your brand at your fingertips is not only time-saving but stress saving too! A personal brand shoot includes headshots for online profiles, lifestyle shots that could be used for articles and print media, and fillers that are great for social media posts. Imagine having all of that saved in one place ready for whenever someone asks or when you need to upload a new photo!

These images will help you be recognised.

In a world where people scroll all day long, you want to make sure that for the few seconds they are on your post or email - that they instantly recognise you and your brand and want to hear what you have to say. A personal branding photographer will work with you to go into detail about your brand's look, feel, and tone. Colours, style, and location will all be carefully considered and all the images from your shoot, however varied, will have a cohesive style and theme running through them. You could use your images to make email headers more personal, online profiles instantly recognisable and your social media posts look really professional.

They show that you care.

Not only do high-quality images help you stand out from the crowd, but they also show your clients how serious you are about your business. It shows you're invested not just in what you do and your clients but also in yourself. I can also say with certainty that having my own personal brand photos taken recently was an almost therapeutic experience! It made me feel like I was really committing to my business and investing in myself financially felt good too!

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