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3 things that get in the way of booking a family photoshoot...

I'm a family photographer and a mum of two. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the chaos of life with small children while also wanting to savor every passing moment. There are lots of things that get in the way of booking a family photo session and sometimes clients will share some of their reasons with me. Here are the most common.

They are worried about how they look

I REALLY get this one. Motherhood is a beautiful thing but sleepless nights and busy lives can leave a lot of us feeling a bit rubbish about how we look. I’ve had women tell me that they want to book a family photography session but they want to wait until they’ve lost weight or until their baby sleeps more and they look less tired. Guess what? 7 years after having my first baby I still haven’t returned to my pre-baby weight and I’m still always tired! However, my job as a photographer goes beyond knowing how to take a good photo. It's my job to help you feel comfortable, ensure you look your best, and give you lots of direction to ensure that you not only enjoy the experience but that I capture you looking great. A natural, joyful photo of your whole family with you in it is something that in years to come you will look back and be so glad you had done. And ten years from now you will of course look back and realise how young and truly beautiful you really were!

They are worried that their kids won’t behave

Sometimes the worry is that their children won’t do as they’re told and sit still long enough to have a photo taken. Other times they are worried that their child will be too shy and not perform for the camera. Neither of these is a problem for me.

Firstly my style is all about capturing you and your children the way you truly look.

Because for me it’s important that photos document the truth and that in years to come you will look at them and they will remind you of how life really was. For that reason, it’s ok if your kids just want to be themselves on the day. That said as a former children's nurse, a mum of two very energetic boys, and someone who has photographed hundreds of kids, I know how to work with small people in a way that keeps them engaged and gets them to interact with their family and their surroundings in a way that looks great in photos.

They think their house won't look good

Having a family photo shoot at home probably isn’t ideal if you are right in the middle of a huge renovation project! But please don’t let small things like a bit of mess or a dodgy bit of wallpaper put you off.

People seem to think that all the houses I take photos in are huge and bright. In fact, it’s a real mixture of homes I visit. Really I’m just looking for a little area with gorgeous light and enough room for the family to all snuggle together. Some of the nicest pictures I've taken of families have been in houses where there’s laundry piled up and toys all over the floor but you don't see it because it's out of shot! I’m a mum too and I totally get it. I’m not there to judge your house! All I’m focused on is making sure that you all feel comfortable and relaxed while I’m there so that you look it in your photos. That said, if you are in the middle of decorating or there isn't enough natural light in your house - an outdoor photoshoot is an excellent alternative.

In a nutshell, clients are waiting for the perfect time...

All these reasons for not booking hang on the idea that one day life will be perfect. Don’t wait for perfect. You’ll never regret having a family photo shoot, but you might well regret not having one. As a professional photographer, I obviously have lots of lovely photos I’ve taken of my children and their dad, but none of them include us all together as a family. This is something I'm trying to rectify but in the meantime, I love being able to do that for other people.

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