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Digital Photography Made Easy

Digital Photography Made Easy

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A super straightforward 56 page digital guidebook designed for beginners, covering the most important camera topics. This course will help you get to know your camera better, understand the fundamental rules of photography, learn how to use natural light to take beautiful portraits and aims to help you move out of auto mode and into manual mode where you can take more creative, professional-looking photos!

  • Included in this digital guidebook

    So many of us own an expensive digital camera that we wish we could be making better use of. Does this sound familiar? Even when you try to get to grips with the seemingly never-ending instruction manual it's all a bit overwhelming. You've taken decent pictures in auto mode but the results are inconsistent which leaves you feeling frustrated. You wish there was an easy way to take control of your settings and take great pictures of your friends and family. 

    This easy to follow, 56 page guidebook breaks down some of the most important fundamentals of digital photography including:

    • Getting to know your camera's settings
    • Understanding the elements of exposure
    • Learning to use your camera in creative auto and full manual mode 
    • Key creative and technical concepts of photography 
    • Using natural, available light to take beautiful portraits


    Each section includes…

    Session goals, to help you stay focused.

    Straightforward information outlining some of the key concepts of digital photography.

    Opportunities for hands on learning, where I encourage you to take the theory and put it into practice. 

    A knowledge tick list and a reflection sheet, which I believe is really helpful for measuring your progress and consolidating your knowledge. 

"This course was so amazing! It really filled in the gaps.  I feel so much more confident using my camera!" Katy

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