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Tips to help portrait or personal branding photo session go smoothly!

One of the best things about working for yourself is that you get to do things your way. Self-promotion isn't any different. If you love everything about what you do apart from having your picture taken I'm here to help make the experience as comfortable and happy as can be - because visibility doesn't need to be something you shy away from, when you do it your way, it gets to be fun. A brand photoshoot helps you showcase who you are and what you do. Whether you’re a creative, a coach, an entertainer or small business owner, I work with you from concept to creation to help you create a library of engaging images which you can use across social media, print and your website. This guide will explain what to expect in order to help you feel more relaxed on the day of your session.

Know your Brand

It’s important that you know your visual brand before you book a photo session so that we can make sure that your images are what you need them to be. I’ll send you a questionnaire before the session which will help me learn everything I need to know about your brand. Then we can work together to create images that represent you best.

Get to know your photographer

We will chat on the phone to discuss your requirements and the visual messages you’d like to communicate. The trick to getting a great photo is to feel comfortable with your photographer and be able to ask for what you want. I know from experience, how important it is for people to feel listened to and understood in order for them to feel at ease. That’s why I love getting to know people and finding out how they like to express themselves. So that when we meet up, it feels like we are just two friends messing around with a camera! When you feel confident and happy, you will look it in your photos.


You might have somewhere in mind already or perhaps you need some guidance. Your home could be perfect for the session if you want to show what you do on a day-to-day basis. If your workplace is away from your home we could shoot there and also get shots in near-bye parks or the exterior of the building for variety. If you feel like an outdoor space represents you better, I have excellent local knowledge of natural or urban outdoor locations that we can use for free and many shops and cafes are happy for a few snaps to be taken if you give them pre-warning. If a location is something you want to invest in then we can also discuss locations for hire.

Hair and makeup

This really is such a personal thing. Some people love to have their makeup done professionally before the session as it gives them confidence. Others love to do their makeup themselves. I suggest wearing the same amount of makeup that you would wear on a night out. The most important thing is that you look like you. This isn’t the time to try a completely new style. If you want recommendations for local makeup artists, just let me know.

What to wear

This is covered in more detail on in another blog I’ve written. But my top tip would be to experiment beforehand. When you are experimenting with your outfits try and create some variety instead of wearing a few different variations of the same things. If you are stuck with where to start break the outfits into 3 categories - casual, smart casual and dressed up. Then pick your two favourite outfits for each category.

Bring some props

Think about the things you use in your day-to-day working life. If we’re shooting at your home then it’s easier for us to shoot with a variety of props, as you can have them all ready. If we’re shooting out on location, we need to plan ahead.

Think about props that would help to tell a story about your brand. Maybe you are a yoga teacher and want some images of you holding your mat or drinking bottle. Or if you often chat to clients over the phone and take

Plan ahead

Make sure you get together a list of all the outfits for your photoshoot so you know exactly what you’re wearing in each location. Have your outfits clean, ironed and ready. Get your hair and makeup ready before you leave the house. It's a good idea to bring a mirror and your makeup on the day so that you can touch them up before a photo. Being prepared will make all the difference to your confidence and reduce stress on the day.

Day of the session

Turn up, have fun and take some awesome shots!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, I really hope you've found out something new about Personal Branding Photography. Please get in touch if you want to know more about this topic or about any of the other photography services I offer, including:

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